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Arhiveeritud toode - Jamo SUB 660 subwoofer - Jamo subwoofrite uus tippmudel nüüd soodushinnaga!

Jamo SUB 660Jamo senine subwoofrite tippmudel SUB 650 on saanud veelgi paremaks ja sündinud on uus liider - SUB 600.
Kinnisesse korpusesse paigutatud 12-tollise long-throw elemendiga subwoofer, mille BASH-võimendi on suuteline 660-watiseks väljundvõimsuseks ja mille alumiseks sageduspiiriks on märgitud 24 hertzi, ei ole hea ainult numbrite põhjal  - võid selles ise meie salongi tulles veenduda!
Hind: 499€ 449€!



Jamo SUB 660JAMO SUB 660
Tüüp: suletud kastis subwoofer
Element: 305 mm/ 12"
Takistus (Ohm): 22 k
Sagedusala (Hz): 24 - 200
Lõikesagedus (Hz):  40 - 200
Faas: muudetav 0-180
Boundary Gain Compensation
Switch Auto-On / Off
Line in  Left  / Right
Speaker level in Left  / Right
Võimendi väljundvõimsus (W): 660
Voolutarve ooteseisundis (W):  < 0.5
Kaal (kg): 22.2
Mõõtmed KxLxS (mm):  419 x 400 x 418
Viimistlusvariandid: Black Ash (must), Dark Apple (tume õunapuu), Wenge (tumepruun). 

Jamo SUB 660The SUB 660 is intended to be used with high-performance loudspeaker systems. It features a powerful
front-firing design with an explosive 12-inch long-throw woofer. The woofer is placed in an entirely sealed
enclosure, allowing for the tightest, cleanest and most accurate bass response.
With an impressive 660W of peak output power from the amplifier the SUB 660 belongs to the highest
echelon  of  subwoofers.  Careful  combination  of  painstakingly  selected  components  allows  a  frequency
response reaching down to 24Hz, and the incorporation of Boundary Gain Compensation allows the sound
from this subwoofer to be adjusted not only to the listening room itself, but also to the actual placement of
the subwoofer in the room. This allows for optimum integration into the home environment.
The SUB 660 also features a 12V-trigger input, which is particularly useful in custom install applications.
The SUB 660 is intended for high performance bookshelf and floor standing loudspeaker systems. The level
control is placed on the front of the subwoofer, elegantly integrated into the design, with a soft blue light
indicating the volume setting. The SUB 660 brings added might and authority to any movie soundtrack,
with its ability to reproduce even the deepest bass notes or explosive effects with complete fidelity.

Lisainfo: Jamo tooteleht

Hind: 499€ 449€
Saadavus: Laos. Demoeksemplar meie salongis - tulge kuulama!

Testiülevaated: Excellent! The Jamo SUB 660 plays authentic, powerful and very dynamic. LINK

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Jamo SUB 660  Jamo SUB 660